Safety Signs & Posters

Don't get caught out or even fined for not having the recommended safety signs for your premises. You can use various materials can be used to suit the environment.  Internal or external. Big or small. Contact us for advice, a catalogue with number products.

The Importance of Safety Signs for Your Workplace

If you want to be sure your workplace is safe for employees, customers, vendors, and other visitors, then keeping proper safety signs out at the appropriate times is a great way to do just that. Safety signs can be very helpful in avoiding injuries or illnesses in certain situations, and even offer some degree of defense in litigations.

No matter what type of business you operate though, there are usually good reasons to have safety signs, whether it is for hazards at a construction site or a spill in a restaurant to keep customers from slipping and falling in that area. Here is some vital information about using safety signs in the workplace.

Why They Are So Important

Safety signs are important in the workplace both for employee and public safety. They are one of the most efficient ways to give warnings, safety, and health information. When someone can’t be in a certain area all the time communicating dangers or safety concerns, there needs to be another early warning system. Safety signs perform this role.

Safety signs range from custom-made printed signs to signs explaining how equipment (like fire extinguishers) work in an emergency. Not only do the signs need to contain certain colors and fonts to be well read and understood, but they should be brief and make sense at the same time.

Categories of safety signs

Safety signs are divided into categories according to the type of message they are intended to convey. Each category is assigned a specific format and set of colours.


The pictograms are as shown in the regulations and the completed sign must be in accordance with the appropriate colours.

These signs prohibit actions detrimental to safety No Smoking
Circular RED with a white background red band and crossbar. no smoking sign
These signs give warning of potential risks Triangular
Triangular YELLOW with black symbol or text Warning sign
Signs that require actions or activities that will contribute towards safety
Circular BLUE with symbol or text in white
These signs indicate exit routes in the event of a fire or emergency
Rectangular GREEN with white symbol or text Safe Condition sign

Safety Posters
Used for motivation.

Rectangular Mostly in Multicolor 

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