Reflective Signs

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What is Reflective Signs:

Reflective sign is not self luminescent/reflection. Its reflection properties aren’t apparent in normal daylight conditions. It’s specifically designed to be visible at night when stricken with artificial light such as that from motor vehicle headlights or torch/emergency light. This reflective property is what makes road signs and publicity board legible after dark without the cost of electric illumination.

Road signs use shapes, colors, words, and symbols to communicate a message to drivers. Without such signs, the movement of traffic would be disorderly and unpredictable. Virtually all traffic signs use retroreflective sheeting, which is designed to reflect some of the light from vehicle headlights back to the driver so that the sign will be visible at night. Color and shape can also provide cues to motorists even when the words or symbols on the sign are unintelligible. Regulatory signs, such as speed limit signs, are usually rectangular and use a white background. Stop signs, on the other hand, have a distinct octagonal shape and a red background in order to catch the driver's eye.